Church Street New Haven: 1912 New Haven Digital Collection
New Haven and the problem of change in the American city.

This site contains over 75 documents containing key census information and other data from New Haven over the past 150 years.


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For information on a project to collect and archive oral histories for New Haven visit The New Haven Oral History Project.

Additional data is available from DataHaven The Information Hub of South Central Connecticut.

For a select bibliography for New Haven history, visit the course site for the Yale Law School class, Urban Legal History: The Development of New Haven.

Census documents are in PDF Format
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Note: Some of these documents are large and may take a while to open across a dial-up network connection.

1900 Census:
Homes owned vs. homes rented: New Haven and Major American Cities, 1900
Manufacturing Industries, by capital, wage earners, value of product: New Haven 1900 [Page 1]
Population by sex and foreign/native born: New Haven and Connecticut Counties, 1880, 1890, 1900
Population of Ward and Towns: New Haven County, 1900, 1890
Racial Make-up of the Population: Major U.S. Cities, 1900
Urban Manufacturers, including capital, wage earners and value of products: Connecticut towns 1900

1910 Census:
Characteristics of New Haven by Ward, 1910
Connecticut Farms, 1910
Industries by Numbers and Expenses, New Haven 1910
Occupations by Race and Sex, New Haven 1910
Racial Makeup of U.S. Cities, 1910

1940 Census:
Characteristics of Connecticut by County, 1940
Characteristics of New Haven by Tracts 1940:   Tracts 1-4   Tracts 5-9   Tracts 10-15   Tracts 16-21   Tracts 22-27   Tracts 28-33
Map of 1940 Census Tracts
Race and Nativity by Tract, New Haven 1940
Race and Nativity Totals, New Haven 1940
Employment Totals by Race and Sex, New Haven 1940
Housing Values by Tracts, New Haven 1940
Quality of Housing by Tracts New Haven 1940

1960 Census:
Housing Characteristics by tract, New Haven 1960:   Tracts 1-7   Tracts 8-18   Tracts 19-28
Labor Force Characteristics by census tract, New Haven 1960:   Tracts 1-7  Tracts 8-18  Tracts 19-28
Population Characteristics by tract, New Haven 1960:   Tracts 1-7?  Tracts 8-18  Tracts 18-28
Characteristics of the Population, by census tract: New Haven 1960 Tracts 1-7 and New Haven County
Economic Characteristics: Major Connecticut Cities, 1960
Education, Employment Status and Labor Force Characteristics: Major Connecticut Cities, 1960
Social Characteristics of the Population: Major Connecticut Cities, 1960

2000 Census:
Employment and Industry Characteristics, New Haven 2000
Social Characteristics, New Haven 2000
Other summary data tables for New Haven 2000 can be found at:
Information for New Haven General can be found using the BasicFacts Finder.
Information for New Haven census tracts can be found using 2000 Summary File 1 and 2000 Summary File 3.
Select Quick Tables and then choose to see data at the census tract level.
A map of New Haven census tracts can be seen here [link to census tracts 2000.gif]

USA Historical Statistics:
(U.S. Bureau of the Cenusus, Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, Biecentennial Edition, Parts 1 and 2, Washington, D.C., 1975)
Electric energy growth of residential service, USA 1902-1970
Foreign born population by country of birth, USA 1950-1970
Foreign born population by sex and race, USA 1850-1970
Labor Force by Industry, USA 1800-1960
Mileage of roads and city streets, USA 1904-1970
Personal Expenditure on Recreation USA, 1909-1970
Retail prices of selected foods, USA 1890-1970
Retail sales by multiunit retail firms, USA 1920-1970
Value of private and public construction projects, USA 1915
Welfare spending, USA 1890-1970
Aliens Naturalized by sex and country of origin, USA 1907-1970
Population by Sex and Race, USA 1790-1970

Data Spreadsheets
These tables are in Excel format.
Information collated by Douglas Rae and assistants at Yale University. Readers should be aware that these data are in draft form and may contain errors.

1913 Data:
Bakeries, New Haven 1913, by Address / Zip Code
Carpenters, New Haven 1913, by Address
Clericals, New Haven 1913, by Employer / Work Address
High School Teachers, New Haven 1913, by Salary / Address
Hotels, New Haven 1913, by Address
Laborers, New Haven 1913, by Address
Peddlers, New Haven 1913, by Address
Town Officers, New Haven 1913, by Address

Clubs and Societies:
Civic Fauna: Churches and Manufacturers, New Haven 1913-1970, by Address
Clubs and Organizations, New Haven 1913-1980
Clubs and Organizations, New Haven 1950, by Meeting Place
Clubs and Organizations, New Haven 1913, by Meeting Place
Clubs and Organizations, New Haven 1935, by Meeting Place

Accountants 1970, New Haven county
Businesses, New Haven 1913-1998, by product, address, CEO
Companies, New Haven 1897, by product address and CEO home
Factories and Stores New Haven 1899-1999
Factory Workers' Wages, New Haven totals 1899-1997
Grocery Stores, New Haven 1913-Present, by location, number of chain stores
Grocery Stores, New Haven 1913-Present, by address and continuation
Hotels, New Haven 1913-Present, by address
Jobs available vs residents employed, New Haven County 2000
Sargent Co Employment Records, New Haven 1910

Crime Rate, New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford 1996-1999
Crime Violent: Comparison of Cities 1940-1990
Drug Arrests, New Haven 1985-1995, by ethnicity
Homicides, New Haven 1935-1985
Robbery, New Haven 1985-1995, by ethnicity

Hospitals & Schools:
Hospitals, New Haven 1913-1990
Schools, New Haven 1908-1930 by ethnicity

Aldermen, New Haven 1909-2001, by ethnicity
Citizens' Action Committee members 1956, 1958, 1961
City Government Activities and Committees, New Haven 1913
City expenditure and personnel by department, New Haven 1935
Mayoral Aldermanic Elections, New Haven 1909-2001

CEO Addresses, New Haven 1897
Hamden developments
Branford Developments, 1909-1998
East Haven Developments, 1909-1962
CEO Addresses, New Haven 1913
Population, New Haven and suburbs 1910-1980
Crown St Property 1908-1914
Streetdates Hamden
Grand Lists, New Haven and Suburbs 1950-1980
Grand Lists, New Haven and suburbs 1850-1998

Religious Institutions:
Catholic Parishes, New Haven 1913-1998
Jewish Temples, New Haven 1913-1998
Congregational Churches, New Haven 1913-1998

Urban Renewal:
Relocations from Oak Street Neighborhood 1956-1960
Urban Renewal Figures, New Haven 1950-1960s

Teaching Aids:
3 ERA Table
10 Forces of Development

New Haven Images
New Haven Maps